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【产品信息】现有德国(beplay网页)官网-软件SPRING (beplay网页)官网系列最新进店。

    ▲ Spring软件(beplay网页)官网是由中国国家政府注资、与1820年建立的德国家族企业合作生产创立的(beplay网页)官网品牌,定位于中高端客户群。德方企业坐落在德国Bavaria州,Passau地区,Pocking市。是世界重要的(beplay网页)官网制造企业,施坦威、梅森汉姆林等著名(beplay网页)官网品牌都依赖从该公司获取核心部件以维持自己的产品品质。Spring软件(beplay网页)官网只选用珍贵的材料,因而受到(beplay网页)官网演奏家的青睐。



【公司简介 Company Profile】
★Huisen Piano Firm possesses the legal industrial and commercial license and was set up in 2001. Now it has three branches in China exclusively engaging in sales of imported KAWAI Pianos factory-packed in Japan and brand-new home made APRI pianos and other kinds of new type home made pianos, YAMAHA and CASIO electronic pianos and piano leasing. Our firm procures the original producing and packing pianos from the mature international piano markets so that our commodities possess absolute commodity superiority in cost performance. 
★Every month we import commodities from 5 to 8 containers from Japan . We conduct cut-price sales at all intermediate links no matter they are warehouse-type or retail sales.

【质量保证 Quality Insurance】
★We provide a 5-years guarantee period for all products including providing formal invoices so as to ensure that all products are imported original products. Suzhou Huisen Piano Firm signed an agreement on piano repair and maintenance with the Music Collage, Suzhou Science and Technology University in 2009 so that our firm became the sole agency in charge of repairing and maintaining pianos for the Music College.

【产品信息 Product Information】
★Now our firm has several dozen high quality pianos with complete types including YAMAHA U1/U2/U3/UX and various types of KAWAI pianos . They await your choice. 
★Web site://www.tarihinde.com   The details are available in our firm web.